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Teen Resources

Smoke Free Teen has tools and tips for becoming a smoke free teen including a text line for support, the free quitSTART app, and information on how to quit vaping.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse gives teens drug facts and the Drugs & Health Blog.

The Real Cost of Tobacco has the real facts and more about Vapes, Cigarettes and Dip.

Truth Initiative inspires tobacco-free lives by providing things like fact sheets, targeted communities and tobacco in pop culture.

The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network provides warning signs, myths about suicide and other helpful information.

You can also take action to prevent substance use by doing things like:

  • Becoming part of the solution with teens from across Tennessee as TN STRONG works to rid Tennessee of tobacco.
  • Be the first tobacco-free generation and Take Down Tobacco

SAMHA’s Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies offers a resource called How Language Choice Can Reduce Stigma.